Kavya Vignesh

delighted by drawing

Hey there! I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in India who has way too many stories to tell.
I particularly enjoy character design and storyboarding.

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or drawings that are meant to show a sequence of events or an action

From running a few interactive character blogs, I've learnt to show action and emotions through the simplest of drawings!Storyboards are often used while animating to plan sequences.

Character Designs

Designs and pinups for the characters from the stories I want to tell

As somebody who always daydreamed a little too much, I picked up art and drawing for the sole reason of telling stories about these characters.I hope to do a webcomic or animated series with them one day!


Drawn screenshots and art that's meant to tell a story.

I quite enjoy doing full pieces that look like they could be right out of a tv show or real life!These often include fake subtitles, polaroid-like images and drawn characters in real life places!

Starting Out!

Older art that showcases my journey

Well, we all had to start from somewhere right? Although now I can easily point out mistakes in these, at the time I used to be rather proud!I picked up art seriously at the age of 10, where I spent hours and hours on Youtube, teaching myself how to use softwares and draw.And due to not having practice, I barely had any stamina to finish my drawings and would usually leave them unfinished, as it's evident belowIt's a long journery but I'm excited to get even better!

Contact Me!

A way to reach out

Thank you for taking interest in my art and the things I draw!If you'd like to reach out to me for illustrations or designs, do fill the form or email me directly at kavya@kavyav.com